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r0.16 (18/05/2003)

- Fixed a bug in the `ignorepkgs' section.

r0.15 (08/03/2003)

- The doc was translated to German (Thanks w00gie!)
- is now available (keep it up fab!)
- Comparisons between different versions were improved.
- Added IGNOREPKGS variable. You can ignore updates for specified packages.
- If you want to remove a package that's required by another one, now you can force its removal.
- Improved etc upgrade on snapshotupg/releaseupg. If the $OpenBSD$ tag is different, the new file will be placed in the directory in question. Its name will be like this: $filename.obch
- Added serbian translations. Thanks Meka!
- Did some code-cleanup.

r0.14 (21/02/2003)

- Added an exit code from pkg_delete that tells you when a package wasn't
completely removed.
- Added some doc :).
- CLEANPORTS now tells openbechede whether to do a make clean clean-depends
on the ports you install.
- The uports function was improved. Added multiple flavors support.
- Case insensitive search on sports.

Thanks TripleDES for your testing and ideas!

r0.13 (19/02/2003)

- Added the 'sports' function. Using it, you can search for ports easily (it
looks for port's name, description, maintainer).
- Fixed some bugs within the install section.
- Fixed a bug in function sortpkgs that could make openbechede unable to
install dependencies.
- The INSTALL file was translated to French (Thanks fab!)

r0.12 (16/02/2003)

- When you tried to install a package which depended on another one, you
could experience problems. Fixed.
- Fixed a bug that led to try and remove an uninstalled package.
- Exit codes were added.

r0.11 (06/02/2003)

- Now you can enable FTP's active mode by setting ACTIVEFTP variable to 1 in
the configuration file.
- Spanish and portuguese documentation was added. Thanks kriok!
- When you wanted to install a package that depended on a newer version of
another program, it wouldn't be able to install the package. Fixed.
- Changed `command` to $(command)
- Upgrade section was improved.

r0.10 (02/02/2003)

- Improved sudo's stuff.
- openbechede wasn't checking well if you had wget installed in your system.
- Now it checks if it is able to run the programs needed (tar, pkg_info, etc).
- Fixed a little prob that could arise when doing an 'openbechede uports'
without having any "port: " line in the configuration file.
- Some typos were corrected :).
- Now when you install a port using 'openbechede iport', when the port is
successfully installed, it's added to /etc/openbechede.conf to check for

Thanks enthumeomai and neon for ideas and testing.

r0.9 (31/01/2003)

- The long awaited feature ;): Now openbechede is able to install ports.
- You can fetch the ports tree, check for updates and automatically install
them with this new release :).
- No-prompt option for ports installing/updating.
- Some minor fixes.

r0.8 (27/01/2003)

- Now its possible to do a 'stableupg'. It upgrades your system to
- When doing a snapshotupg/stableupg, after the files are downloaded,
their md5 sums are compared to the ones available in the server.
- Cleaned up some parts of the code (Thanks jose from deadly dot org).
- When a package that was about to be upgraded, required another package,
its upgrade operation failed. Now openbechede downloads what's needed to
get it running.
- Fixed a bug that could lead to download an incorrect dependency when
- If you intended to upgrade 'etc', openbechede would NOT overwrite your
files under /etc.
- If you add 'bsd' to your SYSUPG variable in the configuration file, your
kernel (/bsd) is going to be moved to /bsd.old and the new one, is going
to be copied to /bsd.
- You can keep your downloads on disk using the KEEPDL variable in the
configuration file. (Downloads are kept under /tmp).
- File permissions are now preserved when doing a snapshotupg/stableupg.

r0.7 (22/01/2003)

- When you were upgrading a package which was required by another one,
openbechede wasn't able to upgrade it. Fixed.
- Some error messages used to appear while upgrading. Fixed.
- Now you can run openbechede from anywhere (it isn't compulsory to have
openbechede somewhere in your path).
Thanks Lizardo for your suggestions, ideas and testing :)

r0.6 (20/01/2003)

- Fixed some download control stuff.
- Improved some code to avoid duplicates in the configuration file.
- Added 'sudo' support.
- NEW! Added 'snapshotupg' to upgrade your system to the latest
snapshot. (Thanks Meka[ni] for your suggestions!)

r0.5 (16/01/2003)

- Fixed a bug that could lead to get commented lines from the configuration
- Beautified the "install" section. No more wget output. The only thing it
outputs is the download speed average.
- More control was added to the downloads in the "install" section.
- Fixed a bug that could lead openbechede to be unable to remove
- Some operations weren't being logged. Fixed.
- A file that's used by openbechede to check remove errors, wasn't being
deleted. Fixed.
- Anything else (I guess) :).

r0.4 (08/01/2003)

- Fixed a bug that prevented openbechede from downloading files.
- Fixed silly mistakes.
- Improved the remove function: Added dependencies removal and a bit more of
- Now openbechede downloads are temporarily under /tmp (they're no longer
done under $PWD)

r0.3 (07/01/2003)

- Lynx is no longer needed to use openbechede.
- FTP passive mode now supported (Thanks louis for your feedback).

r0.2 (07/01/2003)

- Fixed a bug that could lead to fetch the list of packages in a wrong way.
(Thanks Friedhelm Duesterhoeft).
- Changed some strings that, in fact, from r0.1 should have been get from
variables. Now it works ok :).

r0.1 (06/01/2003)

First Public Release


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