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Project History

This project started some months ago, when I -joking- said to a friend in
a dull evening: what if we code something like apt for OpenBSD ? he
laughed. We were very lazy by that time. Later, I realised I wasn't joking
at all ;) and when arrived home, started to work on it. It was obviously
much easier than making a package system like apt.

At the early stages of development it hasn't any error-control routines,
was full of bugs, but in some way it worked and we started to use it. The
test box was MAFIA's (the friend i talked above). I think it was running
OBSD 3.1.

Yesterday, I felt like modifying openbechede, adding new features to it,
etc. So I took my computer, a lot of patience and I began working taking
some breaks ;P till now (Mon Jan 6 17:05:03 ART 2003).


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